Friday, May 11, 2012

Human Emotions x

I was on Facebook the other day and I came across a friends status that went like this :

We're all walking around with these glossy eyes . "I'm tired," we say . But you know what ? It's bullshit. Yes , we are tired , but it's not all from lack of sleep . We are tired of waking up with nothing to look forward to , tired of going to bed exhausted after doing a million things we find no enjoyment doing . We're tired of this void , this emptiness that looms over us even though our days are packed . We're tired of the lonliness that presses down on us even though we're surrounded by dozens of people . So why can't we just say it ? Humans are so afraid to look into each other's eyes and say, "I am unhappy , I am broken , I am hopeless and fallible." We've been conditioned to associate pain with weakness , sadness with coldness , lonliness with unworthiness , difference with disease , as if these feelings are contagious , as if ambivalence is something not to be felt but to be feared . Well , I say screw all of that . Screw forced smiles and polite handshakes and I'm fine , thankyou . Screw all the fear of crying in public place , screw the fake chipper voice , screw the lies we spit to cover up our problems . We are humans . We are meant to feel . To feel everything and to feel it openly . We are not mental - we are flesh and bone . Our boiled blood courses through out cold , clammy hands . We are intricate and beautiful and we should never hide our human parts , because if we do , then what's left to show ?

As I read it , I thought how true it all is . Us humans , especially in New Zealand , we hardly ever show emotion , because we're scared that we'll get judged by it . Waht are your thoughta on this ? Do you agree or disagree ? Why ?

I'm curious to know how other humans feel because some people aren't afraid to show their emotion , no matter where they are . I admire these people , their strength to overcome judgements and expectations of others .

I also came across a video .
Watch it . It's so inspirational . This woman is so strong . She gives me hope .

And I've decided that I may start blogging about more personal stuff again , sometime soon , because I think I'm finally ready to be myself and say what I want again , after all the shit that went down last time I did that on my blog .

Love Fridge

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2O12 ...

Alright , so if you haven't heard of Joseph Kony , watch this

For those of you who can't be bothered to take 3O minutes of your time to watch this video, here's the basics.
Joseph Kony abducts children for his army (LRA). He makes them mutilate peoples faces, and forces them to kill their own parents.
He turns the males into soldiers for his army, and the females into sex slaves.

I'm in two minds about it, for one, I think it's a scam.
But the other, this kind of stuff does happen overseas.

If we ignore it, does that make us just as bad ?
Because if this is all true, this man is sick.
And how would we feel if that was our children ? Our children holding guns to us because this man is forcing them to. Our daughters being raped over + over .

I'm not going to donate money to the cause, simply because I do kind of lean towards it being a scam, so I'll donate my time to them instead.
Here's how
I think it'll be fun to go there, see how many people turn up who have said that they'll be there, and how many people actually are keen to support this cause.

What are your thoughts on the whole thing ?

Love Fridge xx <3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

National Camp 2O12 :) ♥

CanTeen National Camp 2O12 .
Best 6 days I've had in a loooooong time , maybe even my whole life . It was AMAZING !
I got to see a bunch of my friends , and I met a heap of new people too .
The members at Rainbows End . Day Three ♥
Every single person I met over last week , is simply amazing . The love that we all have for each other is greater than some of us have for our families . We're best friends , a different sort of family . As Georgie said , "There are three kinds of love in this world . There's that of a boy/girlfriend . That of a family . And then there's the CanTeen love ." 
I completely agree with this , I love my CanTeeners so much . I need them so much .
They offer support , friendship , love + so much more . I miss you guys more than words can explain .
I love the way that if you want a hug , all you have to do is ask . If you want support , there's always someone there + willing to offer it . If all you want is a friend , the CanTeeners are there .
There's heaps of bad things about having a sibling who went through cancer , but CanTeen is that thing that makes the bad ones not so hard to handle . ♥

I'd love to tell you blog readers about National Camp , but words actually can't describe how amazing it was . So I'll post some photos instead :)

Members wore purple to Rainbows End , Staff wore Green . We took up the whole ride :)

Staff + Member photo ♥

Waiting in line for the Power surge :)
Last Day :(
So those are just a few photo's , there's a couple of thousand that were taken :)
I'm leaving my home town in two days . I am SO excited ! But also kinda nervous . It's going to be so good to have a change though , and be closer to my Best Friends . ♥

Love Fridge xxx

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CanTeen Christmas Cherub :)

Wow , I haven't posted in ages !
But , I have been keeping myself extremely busy !
So , as you all know , it's Christmas soon . And Christmas is a time for sharing and caring .
I've decided to become a CanTeen Christmas Cherub :)
Basically , I've signed up to collect donations for CanTeen .
And any help would be muchly appreciated :)
Donate here :)

In other news , the CanTeen Northland Chritmas party is coming up , tomorrow in fact . And all the last minute details are being finalised today . Because I'm the president , it's my job to oversee everything + make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible . And so far , all's good . Fingers crossed it stays that way .

I also changed my Twitter name to Fridgeee .

Better go finalise those plans !

Love Fridge :) xxx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Up + Coming Leaders ♥

The amazing up + coming leaders of CanTeen New Zealand ♥
So the weekend just been , I spent with an amazing group of CanTeeners.
These are the up and coming leaders of CanTeen , and I can't wait to see how they change things !
Every single person I met this weekend is beautiful , both on the inside and the outside . And the changes they make will be for the better , no doubt about it :)
I'm so glad to have had the chance to meet these people . Each and every one of them is super supportive and ready to be there when someone needs them .

Over the course of the weekend , we learnt about 'the fish philosophy' , thought seriously about our 'big rocks' and discussed values .
The Fish Philosophy . Fish!
Basically , play , be there , make their day and choose your attitude .
Play : Make the work fun . In our case , fundraising . Because we're a non-profit organisation , we rely on the public for most of our funds . So during October , when we have our Bandanna Challenge , we need to make it fun . For us and the 'customers' .
Be There : Even if they're not going to buy anything , talk to them . Smile at them and
Make Their Day . That way they see that we're having fun and trying to include them in it :)
Choose Your Attitude : Downer moods are no fun :( Make the choice to be happy as soon as you wake up . There's always something to laugh about . It's a choice , simple . Say yes to opportunities , risk is rewarded . No-one has ever gone blind looking at the bright side of life :)
Don't be a 2D square , be a 3D cube . ← favourite quote of the weekend :)

Seems pretty basic right ? Now to put it into practice , and so far so good :D

Rocks .
There's big rocks , and there's small rocks .
In other words , goals . The small rocks are the stepping stones that lead up to the big rock .
Which , in my case , is to graduate nanny school :)
We went down to the river , and picked a rock each .
We then painted these rocks , first with a background colour , and then with a word/phrase .
My word ? Nanny .
To remind me everyday that that is what I'm leading up to in life , with every choice I make , I need to keep in mind that some things will affect the future .

Values .
Everyone has them .
What're yours ?
At CanTeen , we have 6 values .
Life Live .
Keep It Real .
Own It .
One Team .
Respect .
Do It Right .
Your values will most likely differ from these . But I love these values . They've been a part of my life for nearly 5 years . :)

Our Rocks :)
The 'Gang' :P
Haha at the airport :)

'We also took heaps of photos , some pretty cool ones , other's not so cool haha .

Love Fridge :) ♥

Proud Parents :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twitter , Country + Cousins ♥

So , I'm extremely into twitter right now !
I love the trends and keeping up with what the celebs are doing .
And I love that I can update it just by texting my tweet to a certain number . Pretty cool .
You guys should follow me :)

I'm really into country music at the moment .
Here's why :
JakeOwen-BarefootBlueJeanNight  Jake Owen is amazing !
ScottyMcCreery-TheTroubleWithGirls  Scotty McCreery won American Idol season 1O .
RodneyAtkins-FarmersDaughter  I found this guy on Youtube ,  and I'm so glad I did !
BillyCurrington-PeopleAreCrazy Also found him on Youtube , he's pretty cool .
TaylorSwift-TeardropsOnMyGuitar  She is simply amazing . I've been listening to her songs for so long ! This is one of the first that I started listening to , way before New Zealand even knew about her , and I'm so glad she's still bringing new songs out . And coming to New Zealand next year !
SaraEvans-SudsInTheBucket  I found her on Youtube , this song is pretty damn cool !
BlakeShelton-HoneyBee Footloose There's two songs here , honeybee and footloose . Both are amazing !

There are so many country artists out there , and I like a lot more than just the ones I've listed . If I listed all the ones I like , then this blog would be super long ! And you would get bored before you even got halfway . All of the artists I did list , have more than just the songs I linked , and I recommend you check them out if you like the linked ones .

Quinn + Alex ♥
Today at school , my Early Childhood class had an 'open day' where we were allowed to take our little kids in . Well , our families little kids , we're all a bit young ! I took my two cousins in , they're so adorable ! It was really fun , and it got the whole class involved , because the 3 year old is definitely not shy ! And the 9 month old kinda has to stay with whoever picks him up :)

Love Fridge :) xxx

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fears Vs Dreams .

Tonight , I went bowling with the Northland CanTeen crew :)
It was so much fun !
I didn't win :(
But I had fun , and that's what counts right ?

Last night , I went shopping . Online at TWLOHA .
Fears Vs Dreams Logo From TWLOHA .
And one of the things that stood out to me , on their actual website ( twloha ) was the Fears Vs Dreams tab . I clicked it , and it took me here : . It made me wonder , what are my fears and dreams ? If I was asked that question , I actually would have to think about it . So I've been thinking about it all day .
Fears : Rejection . Failure . To End Up Alone .  Letting Other Peoples Opinions Of Me Bring Me Down .
Dreams : To Live Overseas And Help Others As Much As Possible . To Become A Nanny . To Be Accepted For Who I Am .To Save A Life . To Find Someone Whom I love And Who Loves Me Unconditionally .
What are your fears and dreams ?

Love Fridge xxx