Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CanTeen Christmas Cherub :)

Wow , I haven't posted in ages !
But , I have been keeping myself extremely busy !
So , as you all know , it's Christmas soon . And Christmas is a time for sharing and caring .
I've decided to become a CanTeen Christmas Cherub :)
Basically , I've signed up to collect donations for CanTeen .
And any help would be muchly appreciated :)
Donate here :)

In other news , the CanTeen Northland Chritmas party is coming up , tomorrow in fact . And all the last minute details are being finalised today . Because I'm the president , it's my job to oversee everything + make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible . And so far , all's good . Fingers crossed it stays that way .

I also changed my Twitter name to Fridgeee .

Better go finalise those plans !

Love Fridge :) xxx

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