Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Up + Coming Leaders ♥

The amazing up + coming leaders of CanTeen New Zealand ♥
So the weekend just been , I spent with an amazing group of CanTeeners.
These are the up and coming leaders of CanTeen , and I can't wait to see how they change things !
Every single person I met this weekend is beautiful , both on the inside and the outside . And the changes they make will be for the better , no doubt about it :)
I'm so glad to have had the chance to meet these people . Each and every one of them is super supportive and ready to be there when someone needs them .

Over the course of the weekend , we learnt about 'the fish philosophy' , thought seriously about our 'big rocks' and discussed values .
The Fish Philosophy . Fish!
Basically , play , be there , make their day and choose your attitude .
Play : Make the work fun . In our case , fundraising . Because we're a non-profit organisation , we rely on the public for most of our funds . So during October , when we have our Bandanna Challenge , we need to make it fun . For us and the 'customers' .
Be There : Even if they're not going to buy anything , talk to them . Smile at them and
Make Their Day . That way they see that we're having fun and trying to include them in it :)
Choose Your Attitude : Downer moods are no fun :( Make the choice to be happy as soon as you wake up . There's always something to laugh about . It's a choice , simple . Say yes to opportunities , risk is rewarded . No-one has ever gone blind looking at the bright side of life :)
Don't be a 2D square , be a 3D cube . ← favourite quote of the weekend :)

Seems pretty basic right ? Now to put it into practice , and so far so good :D

Rocks .
There's big rocks , and there's small rocks .
In other words , goals . The small rocks are the stepping stones that lead up to the big rock .
Which , in my case , is to graduate nanny school :)
We went down to the river , and picked a rock each .
We then painted these rocks , first with a background colour , and then with a word/phrase .
My word ? Nanny .
To remind me everyday that that is what I'm leading up to in life , with every choice I make , I need to keep in mind that some things will affect the future .

Values .
Everyone has them .
What're yours ?
At CanTeen , we have 6 values .
Life Live .
Keep It Real .
Own It .
One Team .
Respect .
Do It Right .
Your values will most likely differ from these . But I love these values . They've been a part of my life for nearly 5 years . :)

Our Rocks :)
The 'Gang' :P
Haha at the airport :)

'We also took heaps of photos , some pretty cool ones , other's not so cool haha .

Love Fridge :) ♥

Proud Parents :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twitter , Country + Cousins ♥

So , I'm extremely into twitter right now !
I love the trends and keeping up with what the celebs are doing .
And I love that I can update it just by texting my tweet to a certain number . Pretty cool .
You guys should follow me :)

I'm really into country music at the moment .
Here's why :
JakeOwen-BarefootBlueJeanNight  Jake Owen is amazing !
ScottyMcCreery-TheTroubleWithGirls  Scotty McCreery won American Idol season 1O .
RodneyAtkins-FarmersDaughter  I found this guy on Youtube ,  and I'm so glad I did !
BillyCurrington-PeopleAreCrazy Also found him on Youtube , he's pretty cool .
TaylorSwift-TeardropsOnMyGuitar  She is simply amazing . I've been listening to her songs for so long ! This is one of the first that I started listening to , way before New Zealand even knew about her , and I'm so glad she's still bringing new songs out . And coming to New Zealand next year !
SaraEvans-SudsInTheBucket  I found her on Youtube , this song is pretty damn cool !
BlakeShelton-HoneyBee Footloose There's two songs here , honeybee and footloose . Both are amazing !

There are so many country artists out there , and I like a lot more than just the ones I've listed . If I listed all the ones I like , then this blog would be super long ! And you would get bored before you even got halfway . All of the artists I did list , have more than just the songs I linked , and I recommend you check them out if you like the linked ones .

Quinn + Alex ♥
Today at school , my Early Childhood class had an 'open day' where we were allowed to take our little kids in . Well , our families little kids , we're all a bit young ! I took my two cousins in , they're so adorable ! It was really fun , and it got the whole class involved , because the 3 year old is definitely not shy ! And the 9 month old kinda has to stay with whoever picks him up :)

Love Fridge :) xxx