Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twitter , Country + Cousins ♥

So , I'm extremely into twitter right now !
I love the trends and keeping up with what the celebs are doing .
And I love that I can update it just by texting my tweet to a certain number . Pretty cool .
You guys should follow me :)

I'm really into country music at the moment .
Here's why :
JakeOwen-BarefootBlueJeanNight  Jake Owen is amazing !
ScottyMcCreery-TheTroubleWithGirls  Scotty McCreery won American Idol season 1O .
RodneyAtkins-FarmersDaughter  I found this guy on Youtube ,  and I'm so glad I did !
BillyCurrington-PeopleAreCrazy Also found him on Youtube , he's pretty cool .
TaylorSwift-TeardropsOnMyGuitar  She is simply amazing . I've been listening to her songs for so long ! This is one of the first that I started listening to , way before New Zealand even knew about her , and I'm so glad she's still bringing new songs out . And coming to New Zealand next year !
SaraEvans-SudsInTheBucket  I found her on Youtube , this song is pretty damn cool !
BlakeShelton-HoneyBee Footloose There's two songs here , honeybee and footloose . Both are amazing !

There are so many country artists out there , and I like a lot more than just the ones I've listed . If I listed all the ones I like , then this blog would be super long ! And you would get bored before you even got halfway . All of the artists I did list , have more than just the songs I linked , and I recommend you check them out if you like the linked ones .

Quinn + Alex ♥
Today at school , my Early Childhood class had an 'open day' where we were allowed to take our little kids in . Well , our families little kids , we're all a bit young ! I took my two cousins in , they're so adorable ! It was really fun , and it got the whole class involved , because the 3 year old is definitely not shy ! And the 9 month old kinda has to stay with whoever picks him up :)

Love Fridge :) xxx

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