Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fears Vs Dreams .

Tonight , I went bowling with the Northland CanTeen crew :)
It was so much fun !
I didn't win :(
But I had fun , and that's what counts right ?

Last night , I went shopping . Online at TWLOHA .
Fears Vs Dreams Logo From TWLOHA .
And one of the things that stood out to me , on their actual website ( twloha ) was the Fears Vs Dreams tab . I clicked it , and it took me here : . It made me wonder , what are my fears and dreams ? If I was asked that question , I actually would have to think about it . So I've been thinking about it all day .
Fears : Rejection . Failure . To End Up Alone .  Letting Other Peoples Opinions Of Me Bring Me Down .
Dreams : To Live Overseas And Help Others As Much As Possible . To Become A Nanny . To Be Accepted For Who I Am .To Save A Life . To Find Someone Whom I love And Who Loves Me Unconditionally .
What are your fears and dreams ?

Love Fridge xxx

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