Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing Fridge :)

Hey guys ,
I'm Fridge :)
I'm 17 and currently live in New Zealand . I'm a Kiwi , and proud of it :)
Backing Black always , but especially for the Rugby World Cup 2011 ! Pretty proud of our country for the way it's hosting the games to be honest . Didn't think we'd have anything done in time . Super gutted that Dan Carter can't help the team bring the cup home ! He's my fave , followed closely by Ritchie McCaw (The Captain) and Israel Dagg (Sexy Beast that he is) .

The Empowering Self group of 2O11 :) x
I'm part of the amazing organisation CanTeen , which supports young people living with cancer . So basically , if you or a brother or sister has had cancer (even if they passed away) , you're aged between 13 + 24 and you live in New Zealand , you can join . For Australia , there's a few different things , check them out here CanTeen Australia . And for the Kiwis , CanTeen . Even if you're not eligible to join , you can still visit each of these sites and donate or become a volunteer .
I'm actually the President of the Northland branch in New Zealand , my Vice-President , Elliot , is absolutely amazing as are the rest of our members . We do a lot of fun activities , like Summer + Winter Camps (where we swim + ski/snowboard) , Relax weekends (patients only!) and some smaller stuff , like just going to the movies or tenpin bowling . There are National Programmes , which are simply awesome to go on . I've been on quite a few myself , and I've enjoyed every one of them . I learn heaps every time I go , even if I've been on that particular camp before . One of the best ones is R.E.A.L , which is pretty much letting go of grief , which , let's face it , everyone with a cancer experience has . All of my Best Friends , I've met on National Programmes , and they're all amazing . Especially my very Best Friend , Sakii (check out his blog here : Sakii !) Anything you need to know about Fashion , ask him !
But not everything we do is fun . Like the funeral that some members attended a few weekends ago for an 18 year old boy . His name is Isaac , and he has definitely left his mark on everyone that knew him . Most amazing guy ever . RIP Isaac Poole xxx .
We also do a lot of fundraising , like sausage sizzles and head shaves . During the month of October every year , our major fund-raisers are happening all over the country . So buy a bandanna , support the 1 in 3 young New Zealanders that get diagnosed , and have a bandanna moment , not an awkward one . Bandanna Challenge Advert 2O11 .

Next year , I'm moving out of home and I'm going to live two hours South of my hometown , to do a nanny course . I absolutely adore little kids , and watching them grow up and develop .They learn so fast ! I'm really excited but super nervous as well . After completing this course , I plan to move overseas , maybe Australia , maybe Canada . Depends what jobs are on offer at the time .

I'm a big believer in the TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) charity . The work they do is awesome , they're a non-profit movement dedicated to finding help and presenting hope for people struggling with depression , addiction , self-harming and suicide .It exists to encourage , inform , inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery . Everyone has the right to live , and no one should feel like they have to leave . Their official website is so go check it out and see if there's anything you can do to help :)

My Fish looks like this :)
Other than that , I'm pretty shy , stick to myself a lot . I love music ! And reading/writing . My Family and Friends mean the world to me . (Friends meaning CanTeeners) . I own a very fat cat , and a cute little fish :) Neither of whom have names . Oh and Fridge , obviously , isn't my real name , it's just something my little sister calls me (I call her Dryer) and due to the past , I've decided to remain anonymous .

Love Fridge :) xx

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