Wednesday, January 25, 2012

National Camp 2O12 :) ♥

CanTeen National Camp 2O12 .
Best 6 days I've had in a loooooong time , maybe even my whole life . It was AMAZING !
I got to see a bunch of my friends , and I met a heap of new people too .
The members at Rainbows End . Day Three ♥
Every single person I met over last week , is simply amazing . The love that we all have for each other is greater than some of us have for our families . We're best friends , a different sort of family . As Georgie said , "There are three kinds of love in this world . There's that of a boy/girlfriend . That of a family . And then there's the CanTeen love ." 
I completely agree with this , I love my CanTeeners so much . I need them so much .
They offer support , friendship , love + so much more . I miss you guys more than words can explain .
I love the way that if you want a hug , all you have to do is ask . If you want support , there's always someone there + willing to offer it . If all you want is a friend , the CanTeeners are there .
There's heaps of bad things about having a sibling who went through cancer , but CanTeen is that thing that makes the bad ones not so hard to handle . ♥

I'd love to tell you blog readers about National Camp , but words actually can't describe how amazing it was . So I'll post some photos instead :)

Members wore purple to Rainbows End , Staff wore Green . We took up the whole ride :)

Staff + Member photo ♥

Waiting in line for the Power surge :)
Last Day :(
So those are just a few photo's , there's a couple of thousand that were taken :)
I'm leaving my home town in two days . I am SO excited ! But also kinda nervous . It's going to be so good to have a change though , and be closer to my Best Friends . ♥

Love Fridge xxx

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